Indiegogo Campaign Achieved!

As of 12:49pm on Friday the 30th of March we surpassed our Indiegogo Campaign goal and made over £10,000! With 19 hours to spare, we managed to raise a grand total of £10,630!


The whole team at Worrying Drake Productions were amazed at the kindness of everyone. We were all shocked at the generosity that people had in the last four days of the campaign were we had to make £4,000 to reach our goal, and we did. Awesome! Awesome generous people!


Obviously one of the main parts of the campaign was to raise the money, however another (some would say more important) part is to raise awareness of the film itself. It has been just heart-warming to recieve emails from everyone saying that they want to see the film made, that they can't wait to see the final film or even to offer up their services to us on the shoot.


"The generosity and spirit shown by everyone who donated and helped us with the campaign was well beyond our expectations. We will do our very best to make every single person involved proud."  - Lauren Lamarr (Producer)


The perks that everyone is looking forward to are now underway. The team are going to be working hard to get them to you. Watch out on the website for an update on the "Name A Chicken" and "Name A Rooster" perks as well continues updates on the film. Pre-Production has been stepped up a gear and we are all extremely excited!!


So to all the 264 friends, family, co-workers and strangers from all around the world that donated, who shared our campaign on Facebook, who tweeted and retweeted, wrote blogs on us, who kept the momentum of the campaign alive we truly and humbly thank you.