May 2015

Indiegogo DVDs, BluRays & T-Shirts Away!


WDP are extremely happy (the girl in the post office is probably not so happy when we approached her with 100+ boxes!) to announce that DVDs, BluRays and T-Shirts as part of the Indiegogo 'Where Do We Go From Here?' campaign have been shipped.


Thank you all once again for you support and patience! 

'Where Do We Go From Here?' End Boards


We do love our end boards when we were shooting 'Where Do We Go From Here?'! Most of the laughs in the edit came from the reminders of what everyone was doing that day at the end of shot. 


A massive 'THANK YOU' goes out to all our crew and supporters. Without you, we wouldn't be here!

'Notes' Wins Another Edit Award!


WDP editor Stuart Doherty won 'Best Editing' at the 2015 Film Indiependent Film Expo! A massive congratulations to Stuart who has done extremely well picking up awards with 'Notes'!!

'Where Do We Go From Here?' Sound Dub


We are happy to announce that 'Where Do We Go From Here?' has entered the sound dub stage at our edit house. We are extrememly close to having a 85% complete film!