March 2015

'Just Say Hi' Playing In French Airport


The French seem to really liked 'Just Say Hi'. As part of the promotion of the Tres Court festival that we partook in 2014, we are now playing in Montpellier Airport waiting rooms to help promote the festival!





'Where Do We Go From Here?' Picture Locked


We are happy to announce that the edit of 'Where Do We Go From Here?' has been 'Picture Locked' and is now heading into the grade and dub of the film.


This is an exciting time for us, especially as we won't be looking at the film everyday, now it is someone elses turn!

WDP On 98.8 Castle FM


Director John McPhail and actor Tyler Collins will be on Edinburgh's 98.8 Castle FM tonight from 10pm to talk about Worrying Drake Prodductions, 'Where Do We Go From Here?' and movies in general.