June 2014

'Where Do We Go From Here?' Casting


Richard Addison as 'Malcolm'

'Where Do We Go From Here?' Casting


Deirdre Murray as 'Nancy'

IndieGoGo Campaign Update


Just to keep everyone in the loop about the IndieGoGo perks that are coming to everyone who donated, as you can all understand the feature film has started to take over slightly.


Our stock for all the DVDs and BluRays have finally arrived and will be out to you after shooting in July. There are still people to send chicken names and also song requests so please check your emails and get in touch.

'Where Do We Go From Here?' Casting


Tyler Collins as 'James'

'Where Do We Go From Here?' Synopsis


"Where Do We Go From Here?" is the debut film from Worrying Drake Productions.

James and his grandfather Jim are best friends. Grandson and Grandfather, charge and guardian, little and large, but when the tables turn and Jim is forced into a care home, James finds a way to be by his side. 

As the new resident Janitor, James and his grandfather are closer than ever and their little family unit blossoms into an unlikely ménage of dysfunctional oldies who unite against the iron rule of the heartless Miss Thompson. 

Alas, when James’ world implodes he is left broken and confused. Lost and alone, James clings to the only family that he has left and continues to stumble along working in the home, detached from the world outside. 

Six months on and 178 Diagnosis: Murder’s later, pretty Nurse Jen joins the antiquated staff team and James is smitten. How can he get close to this guarded beauty and stand up to the oppressive Miss Thompson? It has to be a roguish breakout road trip to scatter his grandfather’s ashes, leaving no man behind!

Is this a journey of self-discovery or is there a sell by date on adventure?

'Where Do We Go From Here?' Casting


Lucy-Jane Qunilan as 'Jen'

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