February 2014


Moviescramble Website

Moviescramble Cineworld Catch Up


Thomas Simpson from Moviescramble was park of the online press at the WDP Cineworld Screening. Moviescramble has been following WDP since we first made 'Notes'.


Simpson covers the Cineworld Screening night and catches up with director John McPhail and producer Andrew Lanni.


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That Was A Bit Mental
That Was A Bit Mental

Hey You! That Was A Bit Mental Article


Chris Scullion's That Was A Bit Mental review website reviews and discussion of films that are slightly less than sane. So respectably it's nice to see that we have ended up here!


Scullion 'encouraging' message to get readers to the WDP Indiegogo page is hilarious! Take with a pinch of salt!


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Photograph Life and Other Things
Photograph Life and Other Things

Greig Stott's Blogspot page

Passionate Blogspot Article


With the WDP Indiegogo Campaign going strong, it is great to come across some articals that show that its not just our mum's who have our backs!


Greig Stott's blog was great to see as that its not just us and our mums who are inspired to work towards our projects! 


Click here to read the full post onStott's Blogspot page.


Indiegogo Reaches First Quarter!


WDP Indirgogo Campaign has reached over £2500! This is a quarter of a way to our goal! A massive thank you to everyone who has donated so far.


Check out the update pod cast from our own Tyler Collins and John McPhail and also visit the Indiegogo Page.

Personal Pick Up Award With Q&A!


Director John McPhail attended the Birk Cinema in Aberfeldy for a Q&A on his first short 'Notes' and also to pick up his Palme-Dewar Audience Choice Award.


"If you haven't been to Aberfeldy you should totally check it out. Lovely little town and their a town of people who just love movies. To have a Q&A and 'Notes' to play there was lovely. Thank you to everyone who came along and thank you to everyone who voted for 'Notes', I'm over the moon with the award" - John McPhail


Notes Award Pick Up
Notes Award Pick Up

Director John McPhail personally picks up his Palme-Dewar Audience Choice Award for 'Notes' that he won back in November 2013 after a screening and Q&A of 'Notes' at the Birk Cinema, Aberfeldy.