October 2015

'Where Do We Go From Here?' Debut Awards!


WDP are proud to announce that our debut feature 'Where Do We Go From Here?' won three awards at our first film festival in Sydney Indie Film Festival!


Click the link to see pics and what we picked up!

First Awards For 'WDWGFH?'


WDP are proud to announce that our debut feature film has been nominated for 8 different awards at the Sydney Indie Film Festival!


Best Film

Best Comedy

Best Male Lead - Tyler Collins

Best Female Lead - Lucy-Jane Quinlan

Best Female Supporting Artist - Alison Peebles

Best Female Supporting Artist - Deirdre Murray

Best Score

Best Editing


We are extrememly thrilled and speechless!!

Mom & Pop Represent!


We were unhappy that we wouldn't be able to make it to the US debut screening of 'Where Do We Go From Here?' however the Two Meter Man Tyler Collins has us covered!


Tyler has roped his mom and pop to represent WDP and thye have gone all out! Thanks guys! Hope you enjoy seeing your boy on screen!

'WDWGFH?' European Debut!


Good luck to team WDP tonight as they strut their stuff on the red carpet at the Comedy Cluj Film Festival!


To read more about the festival, click here.

Team WDP Heads Over To Romania!


Director John McPhail, Producer Lauren Lamarr and Make Up Designer Yvonne Lynch left today for Romania for the Comedy Cluj Film Festival.


Good luck to the team as the go over for 'Where Do We Go From Here?'s European debut screening! 

'WDWGFH?' World Premiere In Sydney!


WDP are proud to announce the World Premiere of our debut feature film 'Where Do We Go From Here?' is tonight in Sydney at the Sydney Indie Film Festival.


Representing us in Sydney is our directors sister-in-laws Katie & Lisa who also both are in and worked on the film.


Good luck tonight and you can read more about the screening here.

'Notes' Pops At Big Soda


Our first short also keeps on going as it picked up the 'Biggest Soda' award at the Big Soda Film Festival! Another great win for our romantic comedy that put us on the map!


Congrats to all involved and thank you Soda!

'Just Say Hi' Wins In Canada!


The little short that could just keeps on going as it picked up the 'Best Guffaw' award at the Hamilton Comedy Film Festival!


Again, congrats to all involved and a massive THANK YOU to our friends in Canada! We are glad you enjoyed it!